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“In Eldersfield” Chapter 2 : Monument to Charlie Chaplin

a site specific film and live art performance being developed with filmmaker Lucy Cash, 20 under 12s from the Thornton Estate in Hull, at the bombed out ruins of the National Picture Theatre, Hull.

Premiere : 9-11 May 2013 @ Hull Truck Theatre

Funded by Hull City Council.

On March 17th and 18th 1941, the National Picture Theatre in Kingston-Upon-Hull was bombed • Inside, a hundred and fifty people were watching Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” • Everybody survived.

» In 2013 Kings of England will create a monument to Charlie Chaplin. The monument, instead of being sculpted or cast, will be a piece of live art / dance, performed by children.

Working from the famous ‘Globe’ Scene and reworking Chaplin’s humanitarian speech for modern times, the performance will move between spectator sports, games, rituals and simple choreographies.

Working at the NPT site with filmmaker Lucy Cash and a group of 20 under 12s from the Thornton Estate in Hull, Kings of England will work in the ruins to shoot a site-specific film on 16mm, which will form part of a touring live performance devised with Rachel Mars.

For More information about the project and the company, please visit : www.kingsofengland.com

For information about the process, premiere or forthcoming tour in Autumn 2013, please get in touch via the Contact Page.