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Ellie Harrison (The Grief Series)



Ellie Harrison is a Leeds-based artist and performance maker currently working on a body of projects called The Grief Series.

Taking a seven-stage grief model from popular psychology as a starting point, each instalment is a collaboration with another artist working in a different field across a range of practices including performance installation and photography.

The Grief Series is becoming more interactive as it continues, with audiences being engaged as participants and even co-creators of the work.

1. Etiquette of Grief

**** “Breathtaking” - Yorkshire Post

“Part 1 in a series of seven grief projects by Harrison, I look forward to more” – The Observer

a playful and provocative solo show made with filmmaker Matt Tullett

Etiquette of Grief is a step-by-step guide for bereavement. Digital alter-egos, sandwich making, song, filmic re-enactments and audience games combine in a show that celebrates our freedom of expression even in our darkest of moments.

Etiquette of Grief toured the UK and Europe over 13 venues in 2011/2012. In 2013 it will tour the UK again, co-produced with Dep ArtsLtd.

It’s original tour was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the University of Leeds through Incubator and the LCCT.

Etiquette of Grief embarks on a second UK national tour in 2013 supported using public funds by Arts Council England and the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.

Please find a review by Clare Brennan of The Observer here.

2. The Reservation

**** “Exquisitely Judged” – The Guardian

an intimate performance installation made with performance maker Jaye Kearney.

The Reservation is an intimate performance installation for one person at a time. Designed specifically for hotel rooms, the piece offers visitors the gifts of time for reflection and the space to remember those we have loved and lost but not forgotten.

You can read the 4 start review of The Reservation by Lyn Gardener of The Guardian HERE

The Reservation has toured the North of England and ran at SPRINT Festival 2012, London.

In October and November 2012 it will run in Leeds for 48 performances at The Wrens Hotel as part of Love Arts Festival 2012, produced by Leeds and York NHS Trust.

The Reservation was originally developed at The Queens Hotel with the support of the National Lottery through Arts Council England and University of Leeds through Incubator.

The piece was commissioned by Theatre in the Mill, Bradford; ARC Stockton Arts Centre and Emerge Leeds.

3. What is Left?

“I’ve never been moved like that before in a gallery” – Visitor, Leeds Gallery Exhibiton

a participatory portraiture project being made with Roshana Rubin Mayhew and 50 members of the public.

What is Left? is a participatory portraiture project being made by Ellie with Manchester-based photographer Roshana Rubin Mayhew and 50 members of the public.

Ellie and Roshana have been visiting participants in their homes to take portraits of them with objects inherited from people they have lost. Ellie also facilitates an interview with each participant about their object, and this is developed into an audio recording and bespoke vellum booklet of transcribed text.

The project explores the value we place on inherited objects, both emotional and monetary and asks questions about how these objects can continue to mediate our relationships with the dead through memory.

A viewing chair, be it a piano stool or sofa is then chosen for each participant’s image, and these are exhibited with the portraits hung at eve-level, to be viewed from the chair along with the audio recording and booklets.

Research & Development

An ACE funded R&D process has just been completed and 11 portraits have been made. This work has been exhibited in a series of ‘pop-up’ exhibitions at Leeds Gallery, Zion Arts Centre (Manchester) and Embrace Arts Centre as part of HATCH : twelve (Leicester).

There will be one further exhibition in 2012 at Chelsea Theatre, London as part of SACRED 29 November – 3 December. Info HERE

In 2013, we will be showing this work again at Delius Arts Centre with Artworks (Bradford) and at ARC Stockton Arts Centre.

The Full Project – 2013/2014

Ellie and Roshana are now developing partnerships with co-commissioning partners and community organisations in order to deliver the full project. Working with a further 39 participants from across the UK, they will develop a body of 50 works – a truly national portrait of a nation’s grief.

The artists will be out on the road in Autumn 2013, creating this material for exhibition in 2014. We will be presenting between 6-8 exhibitions of the work nationally, which will take place in empty houses up and down the UK in association with our commissioners.

For more information about What is Left? and The Grief Series – please visit: www.griefseries.co.uk

4. The Rage Receptacle

The Rage Receptacle is a mobile installation for public space which offers members of the public the opportunity to explore what makes them angry, when and where in their everyday lives. It questions how that anger manifests and how it can be harnessed positively and discussed openly.

The Rage Receptacle was created in collaboration with Sculptor Paula Chambers and Architectural Designer Bethany Wells.

A co-production with the West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of Transform: My Leeds, My City.